SGARRA Robert (1959)

"American movie stars"
Mixed techniques (acrylic painting, photo montage) on reinforced wooden panel.
Dimensions : 100 X 150 cm



French painter and sculptor
Born in 1959 in Grenoble

Cubism, Abstraction, Pop Art, Street Art

Son of Italian immigrant, Sgarra begins painting as an autodidact of the 13 years age. He works primarily oil and the acrylic resin; homage to the icons of the art history returns and takes as a starting point the social-cultural facts which marked the 20th century. Sgarra is also a sculptor of talent which shows in this field a predilection for monumental art. Under the influence of Pop Art and Street Art, it multiplies the supports and mixed the techniques: joinings, compressions, metals, photographs, mannequins, recovery and diversion of old objects etc;

His work is the object of an international recognition and appears in many private collections (Louis Prima, François Mitterrand, Zinedine Zidane, Anatoly Karpov...)