LABORIE Donald (1963)

"The Juggler"
Sculpture Bronze signed and numbered 2/3
Height : 60 cm
Pedestal : 17 cm


French sculptor
Born in 1963 in Paris

Resulting from a family of art lovers and collectors, he very early discovers fundamental modern sculpture. Work of Zadkine and Archipenko will have a durable influence on its style.
Departure for the United States in 1983.
He will remain there two years during which he will attend workshops of New Yorkean sculptors and will initiate itself with the work of the terra cotta.
Of return in France in 1985,
It continues its training of sculptor in Paris and looks further into his knowledge of the contemporary statuary. He discovers the work of bronze then, learns the trade from founder and starts research on the sculpture on steel.
He takes part in various exposures contemporary within collectives (Workshop 2-3) and approaches his first collectors.
From 1990 to 1996, its meeting with a Muscovite galerist enables him to travel to Eastern Europe. It exposes to Moscow and assiduously attends the artistic community of Sofia.
From return to Paris in 1996, it moves away from the semi-figurative representation to the profit of a reflection resolutely centered on space and the Cubist form.
Years 2000 are for him one period of intense creative activity. Its works reflect the diversity of its influences and its aptitude to be worked on various matters (Pierre, steel, bronze). In turn expressionist, post-Cubist, its works allure the Parisian galleries and are present on the scene of the market of Article.
Invited in China in 2007, it takes part in the first international demonstration of contemporary art of Shangaï entitled “shcontemporary”. One of its works will be bought by the town of Beijing at the time of the Olympic Games of 2008.
2010: Great exposure of sculptures to the intercontinental hotel of Paris.
2011: Order of a monumental sculpture for a residential site in Garches.