NEW SELECTION : CUGNOTET Edgard (19th Century)

Cugnotet Edgard (19eme Siècle)

CUGNOTET Edgard (19th Century)
Portrait of two Children
Oil on canvas signed low left and dated 1884
For sale no framed
Dim canvas : 138 X 100 cm


CUGNOTET Edgard Ferdinand Ludovic (19th Century)
French painter 19th Century born in Dijon Figures, Portraits, Landscapes
He was taught by François Édouard PICOT (1786-1868) and the royal Academy of Anvers. He exhibited at the Salon de Paris between 1868 and 1884.
Museum : Langres « the hurdy gurdy player » Bibliography : Dictionary of artists E.Benezit Vol IV/136