NEW SELECTION : LIMOUSE Roger (1894-1990)

Limouse Roger (1894-1990)

LIMOUSE Roger (1894-1990)
Sweet peppers still life
Oil on canvas signed left above
Dim canvas : 65 X 50 cm
Dim frame : 90 X 74 cm


LIMOUSE Roger Marcel (1894-1990)
French Painter 19th-20th century
Born on October 1894 in Collo (Algeria) Dead in 1990. Living and working in France since 1919. Painter of compositions, interiors, still life, flowers.

Employed by administration of Tunis, he left his employment and the city in 1919, to come study painting in the workshop of P.A. Laurens, at the Academy Julian. He was accepted in 1922 to the contest of professorship of the Paris school Council. He had the opportunity of many trips in Italy, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Morocco. He exhibited with the painters of poetic Reality, in particular in a retrospective collective exposure in 1956. In 1933, he obtained the price of the Vikings with “shellfish”. He exibited in Paris, ar the Salon of the French Artists, Independents, Salon d’Automne and Tuileries. René Huyghe classifies this delicate artist among those which he names the conciliators. Indeed, after the fever of fauvism and Cubist, it seems that a whole generation of painters have been looking for the safety and the rest of an art which linked with external appearance. For his part, Limouse does not scorn to take account of acquisitions of the Fauvists. Bonnard also spoke to his heart, sensual and to closely friend. He is a decorator, his brush transmutes the body of the woman into a bright and delicate flower.

Museum: Paris (Museum of Modern art.) Bibliography : Dictionary of artists E. Bénézit Volume VIII /672