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French School 19th century

French School 19th Century Circa 1830
The Madonna Of The Chair from Raffaelo Sanzo da Urbino (1483 – 1520)
Oil on canvas : 65 X 65 cm
Frame gilded with leaves : 94 X 94 cm
Certificate of authenticity

The interesting story behind Raphael's Madonna of the Chair
One evening about the year 1516, Raphael came to an inn. At once his interest was directed at a pretty young mother quietly singing to her baby while an older boy looked on. They were perfect objects for a picture. Raphael worked quickly while the image of the scene was still fresh in his mind and he could finish his work based on his memory. Because he was hungry, Raphael ordered a meal. But he realized that he had nothing to pay for. “Would you accept this painting instead of money?” he asked and the landlord agreed. For several years the painting remained in the inn and no one knew of its existence, except the inn-keeper. In 1589, however, it appeared for the first time to public view when it was put on exhibition in Florence.