PAINTINGS XIXth CENTURY : Schwarz, Franz Wenzel (1842-1919)

Schwarz, Franz Wenzel (1842-1919)

Schwarz, Franz Wenzel (1842-1919)
The letter and the messenger
Oil on wood signed low left
Old original frame gilded with leaves
Dim wood panel : 60 X 50 cm
Dim frame : 78 X 68 cm
Certificate of authenticity


Schwarz, Franz Wenzel (1842-1919)
Or Franz Wenzel also called Wenzel Schwarz
German Painter 19th-20th century
Born on October 24th, 1842 in Spittelgrund.
Died on May 31st, 1919 in Dresden
Painter of History, portraits
He was pupil of the Beaux-Arts Academies of Dresden and Antwerp.
He travelled a lot in Italy, spain and North Africa.
Back in Germany, he settle in Dresden where he gets a silver medal at the salon of 1863. One can find many works of him in the churches of Dresden and Bauzen.

Bibliography: Dictionary of the painters and sculptors E.Benezit Book XII/578