PAINTINGS XIXth CENTURY : DELAHOGUE Eugène Jules (1867-c1930)

DELAHOGUE Eugène Jules (1867-c1930)

" landscape of the Valley"
Oil on canvas signed low right
Frame gilded with leaves
Dim canvas : 91 X 150 cm
Dim frame : 110 X 172 cm


DELAHOGUE Eugène Jules (1867-c1930)
French painter 19th-20th century

Painter of typical subjects. Landscapes

He travelled with his twin-brother Alexis Auguste, from Alger to Constantine until El Kantara and Biskra. They exhibited together as memners of the « Society of orientalists painter » and « Society of algerian orientalist artists ».
Eugène Delahogue exhibited regularly at the « Salon des artistes français » whose he became a member.
It’s sometimes difficult to tell the différence between his Works and his brother’s ones.

Bibliography :
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