PAINTINGS XXth CENTURY : DUPRAT Albert Ferdinand (1882-1974)

DUPRAT Albert Ferdinand (1882-1974)

"Venice with red and yellow sails"
Oil on canvas signed low right
Frame gilded with gold leaves
Dim canvas : 56 X 65 cm
Dim frame : 90 X 103 cm


DUPRAT Albert Ferdinand (1882-1974)
20th century. Italian.
Born the 12th of January 1882 in Venice.
Dead in 1974

Post impressionist
Urban landsapes, waterscapes.

He was taugh at Venice Beaux Arts School.
He devoted himself almont exclusively to Venice views painting, canals and monuments, lagoon or Adriatic marines , surroundings area.
He also worked in Paris, painting bridges and banks of the Seine river ; and in Martigues called the « provençale Venise » because of its canals.
As painter of waterscapes, Duprat was not averse either to sunsets.

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