CHALEYE Jean (1878-1960)

Oil on wood panel signed right below
Frame gild with gold leaves.
Dim canvas : 73 X 60 cm
Dim Frame : 104 X 90 cm


CHALEYE Joannès or Jean

19th - 20th Centuries
French painter
Born on April 22nd, 1878 with St Etienne (the Loire)
Died in 1960 in Le Puy (Haute-Loire).

Painter of landscapes, Flowers.

Trained at the School of decorative Arts of Lyon, he continued his studies at the national superior School arts of Paris, in the workshop of Cormon.
He took part in the art Fair of the French Artists starting from 1902.
In 1903, he decided to settle at Le Puy to organize the training of the pillow lace.
He went back to his pictorial activity around 1912
In 1931, Principal of Arts & Textile industries in Roubaix he was named. Lastly, he retturned in Le Puy from 1940. His landscapes, treated in a style postimpressionnist, in extreme cases of the expressionism, seek to return effects of shade and light, in a fatty key and enamelled colors.

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