PAINTINGS XIXth CENTURY : TANOUX Adrien, Henri (1865-1923)

TANOUX Adrien, Henri (1865-1923)

"Nude asleep"
Oil on canvas signed low left and dated 1922
Frame gilded with gold leaves
Dim canvas :66 X 56 cm
Dim frame : 95 X 85 cm


TANOUX Adrien, Henri
French School 19th-20th century

Born the 10th of October 1865 à Marseille. Dead in 1923 in Paris

Painter of genre scene, typical subjects, Figures, nudes, portraits, intériors, orientalism, pastels.

He was the pupil of de Léon BONNAT at the “Beaux-Arts de Paris” school.
En 1895, il got a student travel grant from the french government.
He exhibited at the « Salon des Artistes français » in Paris whose he became a member in 1905.
He got several awards from the Academy :
- 1889 : awarded with distinction for the universal exhibition in Paris.
- 1894 : medal of third class
- 1895 : medal of second class

Il painted especially nude women from Middle East Harems

Museums : Chambéry, Marseille

Dictionnary of painters & sculptors E. Bénézit Tome XIII/462